Brothers and sisters of the South Georgia Annual Conference, we have hope for our future as United Methodists.



"I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one..." John 17:20-21a

Our hope is unity; to remain as one, even with different convictions, for the sake of our mission and to grow as disciples. We who have signed below have varying convictions on human sexuality; yet, we pray as Jesus prayed that we “may all be one.” (John 17:21) You are invited to demonstrate your commitment to unity by signing the petition below.


Throughout our conference, we offer the love of Christ through ministries that rely on the support of us all.

Taken in Kenya upon the completion of a new water well.

Taken in Kenya upon the completion of a new water well.

Students gathered at Wesley of Macon for evening worship.

Students gathered at Wesley of Macon for evening worship.

These causes for our children, youth, water wells, higher education, and evangelism, to name a few, demonstrate that more unites us than divides us as a conference. Should we allow a particular point of contention to divide us, our common ministry suffers and our witness to our neighbors diminishes. This need not be so.



Our Mission

The current moment requires that we offer each other grace, informed by our experience of the life-transforming love of Christ for all. While we understand that holy people can come to different, even competing conclusions, all of us seek the same end goal: “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” (Book of Discipline) With Peter, we seek “unity of spirit, sympathy, love for one another, a tender heart, and a humble mind,” (1 Peter 3:8) even with those whom we disagree. In this way, we will all grow as disciples.


For the sake of our common mission and to grow as disciples, we invite the people called Methodist in South Georgia to sign this petition, resolving:


1) To stay together for the sake of our common ministries that support the people of South Georgia,


2) To remain united to grow in discipleship, especially by fostering relationships with those whom we disagree,


3) To pray, as Jesus prayed, that our beloved denomination and all of us may be one. 


Through staying together, we can find our way forward. Let us feast at one common table, affirming the words of The Great Thanksgiving, “by your Spirit, make us one with Christ, one with each other, and one in ministry to all the world, until Christ comes in final victory and we feast at his heavenly banquet.” Lend your voice to this call for unity and add your name to the list below.

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Rev. Matt Woodbery

Rev. Grace Guyton

Rev. Craig Rikard

Dana Goshorn

Rev. Teresa Edwards

Rev. Vance Mathis

Rev. Leigh Ann Raynor

Jan Tripp

Rev. Marcus Tripp

Karen Cheek

Richard Fowler

Rev. Don Kea

Rev. Ben Gosden

Rev. Graton Helms

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Rev. Tom Johnson, Jr.

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Barbara Carter Wommack

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Rev. Karen Kilhefner

Lisa Shepard

Susan Blair

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Rev. Sam Lamback

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Nancy Burt

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Patricia Bass

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Bonnie Frerking

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Gary Shelby

John Jahn

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Jo Poston

Amy Henneman

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Russ Barber

Rev. Nancylee Cater

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Susan Mincey

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Mary Dale Kea

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James P. Knowles

Scott Lewis

Thomas Madron

Margaret Gosden

Hines Wommack

Chris Abbott

Susan Cravey

Sylvia Powell

Waverly Golson

Nancy Hudson

Lance Wilhelm

Rev. Nancy J. Scarbrough

Don Blair

Rev. Marshall Singletary

Gini Lamback

Rev. Nathan Godley

Patsy Noegel

Rev. Tim Bagwell

Amanda Knight

Rev. Aimee Baxter

Kay Hanson

Amanda Hicks

Kim Limehouse

Beth Ballance

Brenda Mills

Rhonda Reed

Mary Ellen Campbell

Wayne Bland

Chris Gooby

Alice Scott Burris

Linda Ostrow

Anne Allen Westbrook

Anne Wilson

Patricia Harrell

S. Gordon Rogers IV

Van Henderson

Charles Lewis

Eric Gratias

Barbara Gooby

Hai Dang

Frank Ramsey

Maddie Henderson

Gwyneth Yarbrough

Harold L Chapman Jr

Thomas Cater

Lenore Sell

Rev. Edwin Holton

Rev. Christina Ruehl

Sam Henderson

Chris McLendon

Rev. John M. Bagwell

Judith Wilburn

Debra Skinner

Christina Beaver

Frank Ramsey

Rev. Marcia Cochran

Rev. Antonie Walker

Connie Boole

Rev. V.L. Daughtery

Helen Bradley

Rev. Julia Norman

Rev. Jimmy Asbell

Caroline Jackovich

Vermelle Bailey

Marilyn Armstrong

Rev. Danita Knowles

Rev. Brandon Tolle

Rev. Lynn Meadows-White

Amy Martin

Tobye Watkins

Rev. Wright Culpepper

Carol Woodbery

Jot Kerkhoff

Andrew Slavens

Katie Gosden

Betsy B. Abbott

Mary Leonard Hurt

Christina Nelson

Margaret Mathews

Allyson Morgan

Tami Galipo

John Fatkin

John Vansant

Victoria Coulter

Walter Burt

Bobby Noegel

Rev. Claire Marich

Daniel Mcisaac

Shirley Matos

Ray Ellis

Cliff Harley

Janet Wagner

Alex Swanger

Rev. Richard Davies

Anne Hagan

Mary Skinner

Linda Heintz

G Andrew Page

Kelly Williams

Chuck Long

Mike Flatt

Geoff Harrison

Deidre Bohannon

Colin Harrison

Kenn Waters

Christina Beaver

Mario Matos

Nick Deffley

Paula Avena

Pamel Parker

Nancy Moore

Valerie Osborn Utsey

David Alley

Cheri Hester

Bill Anderson

Ronald Lusk

Bruce Bishop

Maggie Finch

Rev. David Johnson

Frank Lowrey

Christi James

Deborah Ellis

Melinda McLendon

Vaughan Smith

Rev. Robert McDaniel

Paula Avena

Emily Mathis

Karen Jahn

Rev. Donald King

Rev. Dave Hanson

Elizabeth Burch

Charles Caster

Rev. Bill Culpepper

Rev. Samuel Watkins

Rev. Ralph Bailey

Joseph Smith

T'Lene Drymalski

Rev. Howard White

Rev. Debra Williams 

Nancy Cook

Harold Brown

Rev. Mark Miller

Rev. Devon Smyth

Lisa White

Rev. Stacey Harwell-Dye

Cynthia Jarrard

Beverly Madron

Rev. Beverly King

Rev Pamela Johnston

Jay Nelson

Beth Golson

Carol Cannon

Rev. Matthew Stewart

Kate Tyler

Fran Stanley

Rev. Warren Williams

Rev. Melissa Traver

Joe Galipo

Kristin Tanner

Rachel Watford

William Dorough

Rev. Mary Braswell

Rev. Billy Hester

Tommy Schafer

Helen Downing

Nancy Austin

Nancy Parker

Chris Kincade

Charlie Skinner

Elaine Davies

Ann Smith

Marcie Palmer

Bryan Webster

Lynn Harper

Lauren Copes

Steve Johnson

Ann Anderson

Susan Harrison

Littleton Black

Rev. Aubrey Abbott

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Mel Frerking

Danny Lewis

Gregory Martin

Sandra Mydell

Cathy Solomons

Joe Driggers

Rev. Mark Kase

Bonnie Henneman

Rev. W. Grable Page

Bill Jackson

Kay Wangen

Ed Sell

Clare Rauls

Ashley Hurt

Jeff Bridges

Beth Smith

Rev. Kent Shrader

Kathy Hodges

Michael Skinner

Carol Klein